At 2:00PM on Friday, May 26:

  • Grand Lake elevation was 750.93 feet. Daily target elevation for May 26 is 743.67 feet.
  • At the direction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, one (1) east spillway gate was open at Pensacola Dam, discharging 4,752 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water.
  • Five (5) units were online at the Pensacola Dam powerhouse, releasing 11,422 cfs of water through generation.
  • Releases through floodgates and generation totaled 16,174 cfs.
  • Inflows into Grand Lake totaled 12,970 cfs.
  • Lake Hudson elevation was 630.77 feet. Normal elevation is 619 feet.
  • Four units were online at the Robert S. Kerr Dam powerhouse, releasing 34,560 cfs of water through generation.
  • Inflows into Lake Hdson totaled 16,329 cfs.

As a safety precaution, GRDA will be restricting access to spillway areas below the dams. The GRDA Police Department also reminds the public that it is illegal to enter floodwater discharge.